SAMPA Website Launch

October 11, 2021

Fortris just launched the redesign of Surgical Association of Mobile’s responsive website with content management system. SAMPA was Fortris’ first bariatric surgery customer and remains so now, almost a decade later.

We have also worked with SAMPA on videography – specifically patient testimonials and an online seminar as well as search engine optimization, social media and more.

Click Here to Visit Their Bariatric & General Surgery Website


Launch of The Pancreas Health Program

October 2, 2021

Fortris is proud to have launched a website for the Pancreas Health Program at Winthrop Surgical Associates. Surgery for pancreatic cancer involves a great deal of complexity and expertise, but offers the greatest chance of long-term survivability.

Fortris worked closely with Dr. John Allendorf, Director of the Pancreas Health Program and the Chief of Surgical Oncology at Winthrop-University Hospital in Long Island, New York. The result is a custom-designed website with content management system that is meant to give patients both a great deal of information about this disease and offer them hope for treatment.

Click Here to Visit Their Website at: Pancreas Health Program

Andrea Tordini Website & Digital Marketing Campaign Launch

September 15, 2021

Fortris and Dr. Andrea Tordini, a leading electrophysiologist in Tampa, Florida have worked together to create an all-new digital presence to promote her practice and inform her patients with an engaging and interactive website and related assets.

An electrophysiologist is essentially an electrician of the heart. They treat both fast and slow heartbeats using advanced, exciting new technology. Electrophysiology is one of Fortris’s focus specialties as very few patients understand the treatments available and consequently live with an impaired lifestyle or on medication that may be causing significant side effects without realizing that there may be curative alternatives. Working with our electrophysiologist to spread the word is both exciting and helpful to patients across the US.

As part of our work with Dr. Tordini, we have created a new website, manage her local business listings, manage a new, complete social media presence and perform SEO throughout Tampa to promote her three locations in the area. We have also filmed patient testimonials and staff informational videos on site in Tampa.

You can visit Dr. Tordini’s website to learn more about her and to see the work we have done for her practice.

Heart House New Jersey Website Launch

We are pleased to present The Heart House’s new website. As a leading cardiology and electrophysiology practice in Southern New Jersey, The Heart House needed a way to improve their digital marketing for their six locations and almost two dozen physicians. The result is a new, responsive website with content management system.

Fortris is also providing local and organic Search Engine Optimization, social media, graphic design and paid search services to the practice as part of a comprehensive marketing push.

Click Here to Visit Their Cardiology Website at: The Heart House New Jersey

Dr. Guillermo Higa Website & Digital Marketing Launch

August 15, 2021

Dr. Guillermo Higa and Fortris are working together to promote Dr. Higa’s bariatric and general surgery practice in Tucson Arizona. Dr. Higa is a member of a larger surgical group but wanted to have his own online presence to show the breath of his skill and better connect with his patients. As a result, we created a new, custom website with content management system and are pursuing a full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media campaign. We’ve also traveled to Dr. Higa‘s office location to film informational videos for his patients both in English and Spanish as well as filming patient testimonials. We manage a very successful Pay-per-click campaign, and online support groups to complement the monthly in person support meeting. Fortris has also implemented our proprietary bariatric surgery seminar delivery system on Dr. Higa’s website.

The average bariatric surgery patient spends over two dozen hours researching procedures and surgeons. With bariatric surgery quickly accepted as mainstream over the past couple decades, surgeons need to differentiate themselves by offering great content and a personal feel. Dr. Higa and the entire team at Fortris work closely to ensure that patients who visit his website enjoy the information they need to help them make the decision of whether bariatric surgery is the best option for them

Click Here to Learn More About Dr. Higa‘s Practice, Higa Bariatrics

ASMBS New Jersey Website Launch

July 15, 2021

Fortris has built and managed the New Jersey Chapter ASMBS website for the best part of 10 years. The ASMBS or American Society for a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is an important advocacy group to improve bariatric surgery outcomes for patients while also representing bariatric surgeons and related professionals.

Many states around the US have a local chapter and New Jersey is one that is actively managed both by their dedicated surgeons and physicians and their executive director Andrea Donelan. Our original website was ready for a refresh and Fortris created a brand-new website for the chapter at no cost.

“Bariatric surgery is one of the focus specialties at Fortris Corporation and it is one we have worked in for almost 15 years.” Says CJ Peters, president of Fortris Corp. “Partnering with NJASNBS by offering them a new website reinforces Fortris as a part of the bariatric community. Our goal is to help surgeons and practices disseminate their message but even more importantly, help patients find the right surgeon for them.”

Please visit the new ASMBSNJ website here 

Hello world!

June 17, 2021

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Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology Digital Presence Launch

June 15, 2021

Fortris is very proud to welcome Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology to our family of clients. Doctors Osama Niazi and Sonny Bisla are cardiac electrophysiologists practicing in Chandler Arizona, just outside of Phoenix.

Drs. Niazi and Bisla specialize in a subspecialty of cardiology that deals with heart rhythms including slow heartbeats called bradycardia and fast heartbeats called tachycardia. These are often treated with pacemakers and curative ablation procedures respectively.

Cardiac electrophysiology is an exciting subspecialty that Fortris pays particular attention to. Because of relatively new and often complex technology, many patients do not fully understand the benefit of seeing an electrophysiologist. As such, there is ample opportunity to educate the public on this very exciting branch of medicine.

You can visit Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology’s website here

We designed and developed a custom website on an open-source content management system. Fortris has also worked with the doctors to improve their local and organic search engine presence and we have produced video to illustrate their procedures. We look forward to seeing Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology become the preeminent electrophysiology practice in the Phoenix area.

The Academy For Addiction Professionals Website Re-Design

May 3, 2021

We’re very proud to launch the redesigned Academy for Addiction Professionals website with responsive/mobile capabilities. Having workied with the Academy for over 6 years, the website has gone through several iterations, each time increasing in size and scope. The latest redesign coincides with the Academy’s launch of their Professional Development programs for addiction counselors.

Click Here to Visit Their Website at: Academy for Addiction Professionals

Dr. Stanton Longenecker Website Refresh

May 2, 2021

We recently launched the new iteration of Dr. Stanton Longenecker’s Jacksonville orthopedic practice website. Though he is part of a larger group, Dr. Longenecker wanted to have his own online presence. The result is an easy to use and attractive website to drive traffic to the practice. Click below to see Dr. Longenecker’s website.

Click Here to Visit Their Orthopedic Surgery Website: Dr. Longenecker

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