Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology Digital Presence Launch

Fortris is very proud to welcome Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology to our family of clients. Doctors Osama Niazi and Sonny Bisla are cardiac electrophysiologists practicing in Chandler Arizona, just outside of Phoenix.

Drs. Niazi and Bisla specialize in a subspecialty of cardiology that deals with heart rhythms including slow heartbeats called bradycardia and fast heartbeats called tachycardia. These are often treated with pacemakers and curative ablation procedures respectively.

Cardiac electrophysiology is an exciting subspecialty that Fortris pays particular attention to. Because of relatively new and often complex technology, many patients do not fully understand the benefit of seeing an electrophysiologist. As such, there is ample opportunity to educate the public on this very exciting branch of medicine.

You can visit Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology’s website here

We designed and developed a custom website on an open-source content management system. Fortris has also worked with the doctors to improve their local and organic search engine presence and we have produced video to illustrate their procedures. We look forward to seeing Arizona Cardiac Electrophysiology become the preeminent electrophysiology practice in the Phoenix area.

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