Custom Phone Numbers

A custom phone number just makes sense. As you track the engagement on your website you’ll come across data in all shapes and sizes that helps you understand how your website is performing. What you will not receive however, is critical information on who is interacting with you offline, but as a direct result of the website.

One of the ways to track referrals without ever asking how a customer arrived is by having a custom phone number dedicated to your website property. You may also wish to add a unique phone number to other important advertising media to see how they perform as well. Customers often forget where how they found you.

Of further benefit is the fact that custom phone numbers are no longer major investments that require the phone company to set up a new line. VOIP and/or online custom phone services can cost as little as tens of dollars a month with very low monthly costs for additional numbers. These services can pay big dividends as a result of the data you can collect.

The acceptable cost threshold to purchase a custom phone number will vary between clients, but the importance of such a phone number cannot be overstated.

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