Reasons to Use Memes in Your Marketing

The marketing landscape is in a state of continual change. In fact, one really can’t even call it just “marketing” anymore. Digital marketing is the most appropriate way to define how medical practices stimulate and attract their patients.

Trying to keep up with digital marketing trends is a constant evolution of quality content and creative methods for delivery. Today, memes are even being considered an effective tool in a digital marketing strategy.

So what exactly is a meme? It’s a term phrased by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976. The context he used described an idea, behavior or style that rapidly spreads from person to person in a culture. Little did he know the Internet-related context the word would hold today. And, although there are various definitions of a meme – the world has become a cultural phenomenon and an integral part of all social media platforms and how society interacts.

Your typical internet-using, social media-savvy individual thinks of “meme” as a digital image punctuated with pointed commentary on cultural symbols, social ideas or current events. If a meme connects to people by presenting a certain shock value, humorous interpretation, etc., then it can become viral – spreading rapidly from person to person and cementing its place in pop culture.

So why are memes being touted as a fresh approach to marketing? The core concept of a meme is to create engagement, while becoming a vessel for trends or ideas – the Holy Grail of marketing.

Consider these several valuable elements a meme can provide; and decide if memes should be a part of your marketing strategy:

    1. 1. Increase engagement


    1. 2. Entertain your audience


    1. 3. Cost-effectiveness


    4. Creativity and expression

Now that you can understand what value a meme provides your practice, let’s review how to plan your meme strategy and techniques to implement them.

  • Obviously, a key part of any marketing plan is to know your audience. This is even more true for a meme, you need to tailor the message of the meme to who you are targeting. Don’t miss your mark.
  • Originality is a must, but while trying to invent your own meme feel, don’t make the mistake of tackling topics that don’t relate to your target audience – or any audience for that matter. Make sure your interpretation comes across as one that was carefully crafted with a specific intention. This also means you should know your memes – even if it means doing a bit of research before posting.
  • While original content creation is paramount, a strong way for your practice to stay relevant is coming up with different interpretations of previously popular memes. Or your own take on trending news or topics. But, the most important facet of using memes is to make sure they represent your image and persona. Once you’ve determined this perspective, be consistent.

It’s easy to see why memes could be an effective marketing tool in your practice’s armory. If done correctly, they can bring life to your brand. They can help you reinvent your brand’s persona, or they can help solidify your existing image. They can help you connect with your existing audience, or they can spread your reach to new audiences.

At the end of the day, leave the stress of keywords, SEO and content plans to us and get a meme to do the talking for you.

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