Customer Service is an Effective Form of Advertising

As companies grow, take on more customers, and generally become more profitable, the exceptional service that allowed this growth often falls by the wayside. Customer service can often determine gaining the industry edge, especially in a highly competitive market with standardized products.

That’s why Fortris thinks customer service is important. After all, without your customers you wouldn’t be in business. And sometimes it’s the $10 daily customer, not the $1,000 “best customer” that helps you through the hard times we all inevitably face.

We offer a 3 step comprehensive evaluation and remediation plan to diagnose the problem, brainstorm and implement your plan:

  • Evaluation: One or more of our customer service representatives will evaluate the “customer service effectiveness” rate, based on our CSE chart – a scale of 1 to 5
  • The Plan: We will work closely with management to create a plan to move towards a better customer service effectiveness rating, by implementing creative ideas geared towards motivating employees and customers alike. We will evaluate the need for retraining or replacement of underperforming assets along with triaging management to spot when a customer is not receiving what they are due.
  • Implementation: We can, should management wish, work as an independent on-site consulting body to ensure the successful implementation of the plan. Once the initial groundwork is laid we can continue to monitor and evaluate on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure longevity.

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