The Ins and Outs of an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are the oldest form of internet marketing, yet still considered one of the most powerful tools available to market your practice. The newsletter is also the most common form of email marketing. It provides an ideal form of communication to your practice’s existing and potential audience, where you can engage them by providing relevant content, such as news, updates, educational content and more. But also, while creating brand loyalty with your audience and subscribers, you can gently persuade your audience towards the services you provide. Whatever your purpose with setting up an email newsletter, the bottom line is always the same – engage your audience!

There are several key points to consider when deciding if you’d like to start an email newsletter. These points validate why this marketing tactic could be very valuable for your practice’s success.

  • Coverage: Numbers show that almost 4 billion people use emails. An email newsletter can engage a large audience.
  • Effectiveness: Email marketing, which newsletters make a large portion of, are 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter, and are calculated to have a 4,000% return on investment. Email newsletters also allow for very measurable results, such as subscribers, open rates and click rates.
  • Personalization: A newsletter allows you to craft a specific message or certain content that is most relevant for the audience you are targeting.
  • Credibility: By providing engaging content, you are also emphasizing your expertise in your practice’s particular specialties. This also strengthens your audience loyalty, which leads to the next point.
  • Relationship: Creating engaging content, focusing the content on the interests and needs of your audience, putting your credibility at the forefront – all these things lead to building long-lasting relationships and a loyal audience following.

Here’s a simple checklist for the structure of your Email Newsletter, with some points of emphasis for effectiveness.

  • Template and Design: Consider how you want your brand/practice to be viewed visually, such as colors, forms, fonts, etc. Professional consistent formatting is also important. Care about your audience’s visual perception.
  • Copy: You need to have creative email subject lines and headlines that lead subscribers to relevant and engaging content. Inject fun and suspense in your subject lines. Be conscious of your grammar and avoid “spammy” words.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): When you choose to add in some promotional content, a strong CTA should be implemented – but don’t get too pushy! Informational is always more important than selling.
  • Unsubscribe Option: Yes, you want to build your audience and create loyalty, but keeping your audience happy by at least providing them a choice, is very important.
  • Other Considerations: Optimization for mobile device, promotional/reward incentives, terms and conditions, sender’s name.

While no specific time has been dialed in as the “best” time to release a newsletter, one thing is for certain – sending out too many emails is the main reason for your audience unsubscribing. Statistical tracking says about 60% of people are okay with weekly emails, and more than 80% prefer monthly communications.

So now you understand what an email newsletter is, and why it can be important to your practice’s marketing efforts. If you want to increase visibility to your practice, increase sales, build brand awareness and recognition, enhance your social media and digital presence; then an email newsletter is a one-stop-shop strategy to try and tick all these boxes.

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