Back in 2001, when what would become Fortris was founded as Vantage Graphics, we didn’t have much of a vision for what the company could or would become. I was a sophomore in college and the opportunity to get into the website design, which was still the Wild West, struck me as interesting and exciting.

A few years later I stumbled on to what would be my second passion – medicine. Knowing that four more years of school was not in the cards, I decided to focus our services on all things medical. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of individual practices, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and device makers of all shapes and sizes. From just website design, we’ve grown to offer a suite of marketing services from basic to complex, artsy to scientific.

Over these years, we have dedicated ourselves to be the very best at what we do – only taking projects within our scope of expertise and being reasonable with our fees. However, most importantly, we strive to be great partners to our clients. We believe that availability, responsibility, and accountability to our clients month in and month out not only makes our relationships stronger but longer. In fact, we still work with our first three medical practices, over a decade later. I consider Fortris to be a customer service firm that happens to be very, very good at medical marketing!

I’m proud to say that our expansion over the years has been the result of the exceptional growth of our clients, in part because of our dedication to them and their willingness to put in the time required, alongside us. We’ve seen huge changes both in medicine and medical marketing, but our core principle of doing the best job the right way has never wavered.

To all of our clients that have put their trust and faith in us over the past two decades, thank you. And to any prospective clients that may be reading this, we look forward to showing you how we are truly different from any marketing firm you’ve worked with before.

CJ Peters

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