While conventional wisdom states that a picture is worth 1000 words, each of those words is pretty important too. Nuance, jargon and even slang go a long way to making words jump off a page. Copywriting is essential to the success of just about every marketing medium. Great copywriting can help your business stand out – it helps with conversion rates, search engine results, creates an interactive social media platform and encourages audiences to click on pay-per-click ads or direct e-mail campaigns. Offline, copy drives conversion rates in magazine, newspaper, direct mail and TV ads.

Many businesses do not put the emphasis on copywriting that it deserves and they lose out as a result. Here at Fortris, our copywriting department can handle anything from the simplest of ads to complex medical explanations. We specialize in our ability to target audiences with appropriate terminology and industry specific themes. We do so by employing copy and content writers with varied backgrounds. They may have published a book or written a movie or may be experts in a particular field. No matter the task, the copy writers at your disposal will offer compelling solutions – guaranteed.

To learn more about the opportunities that great copywriting can offer your business, please call or email us. We will be happy to direct you to live samples of our work and discuss your next copywriting project.

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