Andrea Tordini Website & Digital Marketing Campaign Launch

Fortris and Dr. Andrea Tordini, a leading electrophysiologist in Tampa, Florida have worked together to create an all-new digital presence to promote her practice and inform her patients with an engaging and interactive website and related assets.

An electrophysiologist is essentially an electrician of the heart. They treat both fast and slow heartbeats using advanced, exciting new technology. Electrophysiology is one of Fortris’s focus specialties as very few patients understand the treatments available and consequently live with an impaired lifestyle or on medication that may be causing significant side effects without realizing that there may be curative alternatives. Working with our electrophysiologist to spread the word is both exciting and helpful to patients across the US.

As part of our work with Dr. Tordini, we have created a new website, manage her local business listings, manage a new, complete social media presence and perform SEO throughout Tampa to promote her three locations in the area. We have also filmed patient testimonials and staff informational videos on site in Tampa.

You can visit Dr. Tordini’s website to learn more about her and to see the work we have done for her practice.

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