Unpaid search engine ranking is the great equalizer of marketing on the Internet. Bariatric practices large and small can compete on a level playing field and generate significant patient volume through one of the last equitable marketing venues. However, expertise is required to effectively navigate the rules and regulations of this ever-changing medium.

Without proper optimization websites may violate the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the search engines themselves. This not only presents a missed opportunity, but a risk of penalization that can be the difference between good and great patient volumes.

Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization plan revolves around a few core principles:

  1. Analysis of existing optimization strategies. We know what prospective bariatric patients search for and how they go from browsing to acting. Poor or unethical optimization strategies may be holding a website back from its full potential.
  2. Implement an effective SEO strategy. The success of our SEO efforts relies on creating excellent content that attracts search engines and potential patients alike. We pledge never to use unethical strategies to increase your ranking.
  3. Measure and Adapt. Search engines change their ranking factors and algorithms on a regular basis. Resting on a high ranking is a recipe for falling behind. We never stop measuring our results and adapting to changing conditions.

While no legitimate Search Engine Optimization company can, or will, guarantee the number-one organic search result for a popular search term, Fortris can guarantee transparency in our work.

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