As hospital-based specialty surgical programs become more commonplace, the in-house marketing team can become overwhelmed with all the moving parts. Fortris can be a great partner to a hospital marketing department that needs support in developing their overall web presence or managing specific departments under their purview.

Fortris is committed to working with and not replacing the in-house marketing staff at hospitals. We have worked with hospitals large and small with marketing budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Some programs look to us to take the lead in online marketing, while others find us to be of best use in a supporting role.

No matter how we are brought into the hospital marketing team, we bring improvements in usability, organization, traffic, and conversions to every project we are involved in. Ultimately, our work translates to better patient experiences, saved time in the marketing department, and increased Return on Investment, lending stability to a changing landscape.

To learn more about the services we can offer your hospital-based program, we encourage you to call us. We will be happy to evaluate the program in question and send our overview of recommendations. On and off-site services are available, and training programs can be customized to the hospital’s specific needs to improve quality on every level.

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