Having worked with urology companies throughout the United States, Fortris is keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges that face urologists looking to market themselves online in an ever changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. Despite the continued trend toward urological practice consolidation, we are able to maintain the authenticity and connectedness between physician and patient, while leveraging the benefits of a larger group.

Many patients suffering from urological problems have particular needs when it comes to their web-based user experience. Further, these urological conditions may be gender specific, requiring additional customization and targeting. Yet others may be experiencing conditions for which they do not want to see a physician – opting instead to live with a very disruptive condition – we can assist with educational initiatives to mitigate patient fear and/or embarrassment.

Following are some of our urology customers:

Practice Dimensions

We are also keenly aware that no two urology practices are the same. While some general urologists practice very broadly, others focus on specific procedures such as in-office minimally invasive therapies, drug therapy or surgical treatments. No matter the focus of the practice, our highly customized solutions efficiently direct the budget while offering patients a tailored and straightforward user experience.

Website Marketing

Once we have designed the website, it comes time for marketing. Once again, our search engine optimization and social strategies are tailored specifically to the urology practice’s service offering and geographical area. We are able to customize a marketing package to virtually any budget and from the very smallest to largest campaigns, we follow our results closely, offering guidance and strategy along the way.

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